Sneak preview: new Law Library

The Law Library is such an important part of the Edinburgh Law School’s heritage and plays a key role in the lives of students. Many of our alumni’s fondest memories revolve around the library in some way.

The refurbishment project ensures that the library plays an essential part of the Law School’s future. New designs for the Library make sure that the new space will not only honour all that our students hold dear about the library but also transform it into an exceptional environment for study, research and browsing.

We’re really excited by it and hope this sneak preview images will offer some insight into why we think it’s going to be a really special space for years to come.

New library design

No one will mind spending hours in the library when it looks like this.

reserve collection

Our reserve collection will have a spacious home.

Library helpdesk

The new helpdesk will make sure our library users feel welcome

Exciting new completion date

We’re excited to announce that the completion date for the refurbishment of Old College will potentially be brought forward to December 2017.

Previously the work was to be carried out in three phases, culminating in a 2020 completion but changes to the construction process now mean that the work will be carried out in a single phase, resulting in the project being finished earlier than anticipated.

This does mean that the Law School’s professional services staff and the Law Library will need to move out of Old College to allow the work to be completed. They will be moving to David Hume Tower in George Square.

Further details will be revealed as soon as they have been finalised.

Preparing for work

The north-west corner of Old College has now been cleared in preparation for work to begin.

Pre-enabling work is now scheduled to start in March. This means that all fixtures and fittings will be removed, electrical testing will be carried out and all other tasks to ensure that the area is ready for the building work.