Work in progress

Although the real construction work doesn’t begin until November, behind the scenes contractors have been busy preparing the area for the work, which means stripping out fittings and flooring and removing unnecessary walls and doors, among other things.

The work has been uncovering some interesting features that will certainly be given a new lease of life during the refurbishment.

Old College room

A dividing wall has been removed revealing a beautiful pillar.


Old College fireplace.

This pretty fireplace has been found lurking behind the wall.

Sneak preview: moot court room

Developing mooting skills is undoubtedly a memorable part of any law student’s education, and the new proposed moot court room will provide a more fitting space to put test out those skills.

Here’s a sneak preview of how the new moot court room will look.

Moot court room 1

Moot Court 2

Moot Court 3