Time flies and construction continues!

We are about to begin our second academic year based in DHT – it’s astonishing how time is flying! It won’t be too long long now until we return to our traditional home. We in the Communications Office are getting very excited and can’t wait to see its final form.

But in the mean time, there is still an awful lot of work to be done and Graham Construction are hard at work. The scaffold and temporary roof on the original Phase 1 of Old College are starting to be moved. This roof is situated at the west end of the building.

Taking away the scaffold structure is not a fast process – it will take some time to deconstruct. Removing the temporary roof is likely to take around a month. Once the scaffolding has been taken down, it will then be moved to create the temporary roof on Phase 3, at the east end of the building. This will allow contractors to complete the structural repair works there and to install the new dormer windows.

At last we are able to see some external, visible changes. There’s an awful lot going on inside too, however, as pictures from a recent site visit will show.

The second image in the gallery shows the Senate room, featuring some beautiful period detailing with elegant grey columns and cornices. The full height of the building is revealed in the fourth image, with uncovered alcoves.

As we note the changes in the site, we start to consider our return to Old College and how best to mark this enormous development. To that end, Emilios Avgouleas has been appointed Old College Champion and we look forward to working with him as we plan our triumphant return home. Here is an insight into what used to be the Communications Office & Emilios’s office:

It certainly looks very different now! If you have any ideas about how you might like to mark this momentous move, please let us know! As ever, if you have any questions about the construction process, please contact alex.nuth@ed.ac.uk.