Return to Old College: Update

The University’s Estates department has notified the Law School that the return to Old College, scheduled to take place this month, will no longer be possible. A number of issues that need to be resolved by the Main Contractor in order for the building to receive an occupation certificate from the Council will not be resolved in time, meaning there is no option other than to delay the School’s return to Old College. The move is now expected to recommence at the end of semester 1 in the 2018/19 academic year.

The news is disappointing to all and we would like to reassure our staff, students, alumni and visitors that we expect to return to Old College at the end of semester 1. It is anticipated that from the start of semester 2 we will all be able to enjoy and benefit from the outstanding environment and facilities the refurbished building will provide, including:

  • A new Law Library
  • New teaching spaces
  • New study spaces
  • A new café and social spaces.

The Law School, including the Law Library, will remain in David Hume Tower until the move preparations recommence towards the end of semester 1. Full access to the Law Library will continue to be available at all times to all staff, students and alumni.

If you have any queries about the return to Old College please email